In this section we testify to some of the patients who have been operated on by Dr. Pagán. Adjusting to the current legislation on advertisement and on Privacy, we will not publish “before” and “after” pictures of our patients. These will be provided once you have make contact with us and consent of the people involved have been given to us.

MABP. October 2010
“It has been three years ago since my operation already, and I want to thank everybody that has been by my side and, specially, I want to thank Dr. Pagán for having let me become, after my operation, a happy woman”.

FTV. March 2012
“Since I was little I always have had overweight, I was the ‘chubby girl’. Besides, I could not move because of my excess weight and I began to have high blood glucose. Now, six months after surgery, I am a new girl. I don’t have to worry about weather if I am going to be diabetic or not. I want to live again, and I can thanks to the surgery”.

MRR. August 2012
“I was operated on by Dr. Pagan’s team one year ago. It was on a Saturday and on the next Tuesday I was already at home. Everything went right. Since surgery, I have lost 26 kilos and my life has changed. With the loss of those kilos I have improved my diseases. I needed a machine to sleep, because I could not breathe by myself. Now I sleep without CPAP! It was very uncomfortable and I have not needed it anymore since then. ¡I’ve been shopping and I can say I do have a life!”.

MIMS. December 2012
“I was diabetic, until I had surgery. My life depended on blood glucose levels and insulin levels. For 3 months I have forgotten the pricks. I only take one pill. I want to thank Dr. Pagán for the certainty and the trust that made me make up my mind on taking that step”.

JLV. January 2013
“I was operated on by Dr. Pagán one year and a half ago. With time, I needed more and more treatment for my diabetes; my test results were always bad. I was told that surgery could solve my problem and indeed it did. And the operation was a success. With this little note I want to express my most sincere gratitude. Since the operation I feel happy, and I want to share this happiness with all of you”.

BCM. January 2013
I went to see Dr. Pagan at his consultation because I had a morbid obesity problem. I suffered from bulimia for 13 years. Then, I was 38 years old and I weighted 131 kg; and I started having health problems. Therefore, Dr. Pagán recommended me a stomach reduction to lose weight, considering that it was the most appropriate option in my case.
Before the intervention, he advised me to lower my weight to reduce risks during the operation. He explained what surgery consisted in and that it is performed laparoscopically because it is less aggressive for the patient. With these explanations I was relieved to know what surgery consisted in and how was the intervention going to be.
Dr. Pagán set the date for the intervention and gave me directions to lose weight before the operation with the intake of a special kind of shakes, achieving a loss of 13 kg.
The day of the operation finally came, I was hospitalized and prepared, and I went to the operating room. The truth is I was very calm because I knew I was in very good hands. When I awoke, I only remembered vaguely the pain caused by the nasogastric intubation.
After three days I received the medical discharge with feeding guidelines to adapt the stomach to its new status and be able to start assimilating the new food diet. My recovery was very good and fast, I felt better every day and I was assimilating the food diet very well. As of today I feel very well, without vomiting or stomach aches and I follow a normal diet: six meals a day, since the stomach dimensions does not allow me to eat large amounts of food. I should add that psychologically I feel very satisfied and very well since the weight loss has been the expected. I have lost 50 kg and I have a completely normal life, accompanied by exercise and the corresponding revisions with the doctor.
I am very grateful for having been informed about what was best for me. Since surgery, my life has changed in a very positive way and I feel good about myself. Thank you, Dr. Pagán”.

MBB. June 2013
“I had surgery last week. It has been difficult to make up my mind, but eventually I went through surgery. I was three days in the clinic and at the end of the week I could go for a walk. I want to thank the human attention that Dr. Pagán and his hole team provided me at all times”.

MGP. November 2013
“I have had surgery recently, I was just three days at hospital. At first I was scared, but everything turned out perfectly. The next day I even could drink and seat. I reached 180 kilos without knowing how to control my weight, always following a diet, and I had no result from it. Now, within 15 days I have lost almost 20 kilos. It is a miracle…”.