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General recommendations for patients operated on Metabolic Surgery
1. Liquids: always taken in small amounts (not more than 100-150 ml each time) and separated from food. Stop drinking one hour before the scheduled meal and restart again an hour later. Drinking fluids with meals may ease the appearance of nausea or vomiting.

2. Drinking milk, juice, sugary sodas, and alcohol provide extra calories and do not allow losing weight.

3. Meals should last between 20-30 minutes. You should get used to chew slowly and very good every food you eat (20-30 times).

4. Always eat the protein food first.

5. Stop eating as soon as you feel full, bloated, or pain. Do not insist on eating anything else, not even drinking water because the discomfort would increase and it would cause vomiting. If you feel full before eating the best option is taking liquids rather than trying with solids, to avoid gastric discomfort.

6. If you do not tolerate a food, do not reject it. Try again within 3-4 weeks. You may have not chewed it well or you have swallowed too fast.
Drugs have to be grinded before being taken, even though if they are small. They can be taken in liquid form too. Do not forget taking the vitamins and minerals suggested daily.