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Obesity surgery

We can perform any kind of bariatric technique by laparoscopy, which avoid important incisions, eliminate the pain related to traditional surgery and provide a quicker recovery • Read more

Diabetes surgery
After the laparoscopic intervention, diabetes will subside after a few weeks and a lot of time before the complete overweight loss • Read more

Metabolic and bariatric surgery
Metabolic surgery refers to the surgical treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 and results from bariatric surgery or morbid obesity surgery • Read more

Oesophagogastric surgery
It is the surgery area that has special attention to the esophagus and stomach pathology • Read more


area-paciente-gPatient area
Of interest for the patient with a metabolic disease

area-medica-gMedical area
When should a patient be referred? Does diabetes have surgery?

area-quirurgica-gSurgical area
Techniques for a diabetes improvement and weight loss