Multidisciplinary team

Why a team?

1. The evaluation of a patient with overweight, obesity or diabetes mellitus type 2 requires the participation of a multidisciplinary team composed by endocrinologists, surgeons, nutritionists, psychologists and psychiatrists in order to be able to perform an optimal treatment.

2. Using joint protocols of action allow reaching a greater efficiency in your treatment and the highest security during surgery. The protocols are oriented towards the patient selection, the surgical technique selection and the type of the following monitoring of the patient.

3. The health center where we work has available reanimation/recovery units and ICU and count on the help of specialist medical stuff to solve any unexpected problem that could appear.

4. The surgeons have to work in a team with a sufficient activity volume to guarantee the adequate results as regards to security and efficacy.

5. The presence of complications depends on the surgical team experience and on the number of surgeries that they perform. Their apparition is unusual. The mortality rate is 5% in teams that perform les than ten procedures per year and it is 0,3% in teams with big volumes of patients.

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