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The ultimate goal of a metabolic intervention is to improve your disease and reduce or eliminate the need for treatment in those difficult to control with medical treatment patients.

It is important that the patient keeps in mind that they will have to attend to several health checks with our multidisciplinary team after the intervention and they must follow a dietary regimen.

  • Preparation prior to surgery Open or Close

    Am I going to do some kind of preparation prior to surgery?
    From the day that we indicate surgery a specific respiratory preparation will start, a diet to follow will be established and indicated drugs will be administrated.
    If you take any medication daily, the surgeon will tell you if you can take it the day before or the morning of the day of the surgery with a sip of water. If you take aspirin, antiaggregates or medication for arthritis, these drugs must be discontinued 2 weeks before surgery.
    It is advisable to discontinue tobacco use as soon as we know the date of the intervention.

    Do not take aspirin two weeks before.

  • Indications before hospitalization Open or Close

    What do you need for hospitalization?
    • You should provide all clinical documentation that you have under your possession.
    • You cannot drink nor eat nothing within the 8 hours before surgery.
    • It is advisable to bring to the hospital loose clothes that can be buttoned in the front. You have to shower with antiseptic soap the afternoon before the intervention.
    • At hospitalization, you have to inform about the medication that you take and about your allergies, in case of suffering one.
    • The hospitalization will be the same day of the intervention for preoperative preparation.

  • Intervention and medical checks Open or Close

    The intervention will last a maximum time period of two hours
    • The hospitalization will be the same day of the intervention. Surgery will take between one and two hours, depending on the indicated technique. During hospitalization surgeons will take care of you constantly, both in person and by telephone. During the admission surgeons will take care of you constantly, both in person and by telephone. You and your family will have the surgeon’s phone to ask him any questions or concerns.
    • The anaesthetic and surgical preparation in the operating room and its exit procedure takes its time, so the patient’s family might have to wait for a while even if the actual time of the surgical procedure is short.
    • Depending on the patient’s features, after surgery, they will be admitted in the ICU or transferred to their room. Within 48 hours of postoperative fluid intake will start. If liquids are tolerated, the patient will be discharged, with precise indications on what should be eaten, what medication has to be taken and when will he come back for a future medical check.
    • From the intervention day until the first examination, liquid diet with nutritional complements will be taken.
    • The examinations will be within 10 days, one month, three months, and every three months during the first year, and every six months during the second year. They will be alternated with surgeons, endocrinologists, and nutritionists depending on the needs of each patient.
    • In the successive check-ups, protocolled analytical controls will be performed, and nutritional advice appropriate to their characteristics will be given, exercises and skin care will be recommended to supplement surgery with a change in your lifestyle.

  • Recovery Open or Close

    Typically, the patient leaves the hospital in two or three days
    Laparoscopic surgery, despite being well tolerated, may be accompanied by some pain, nausea and vomiting. Most cases do not present any of these symptoms, being controlled to the maximum with medication. Once liquids are tolerated, patients leave the hospital in a day or two. Generally, the recovery is progressive.
    The presence of fever, appearance of significant abdominal pain, distension, nausea and persistent vomiting, or leaking of fluid or pus from a wound are indications that a complication may have occurred. You should contact your surgeon if you had one of these symptoms.

  • Tests to do Open or Close

    What are the studies to be conducted before surgery?
    The preoperative tests are done prior to the hospitalization.

    They include: blood tests, chest radiography, stomach barium study or gastroscopy (depending on the technique that is going to be used), abdominal echography, respiratory study, pancreatic reserve study and psychological evaluation.

    Once reviewed by the endocrinologist, the surgeon and the anaesthesiologist will examine you and you will be given a consent document in writing.

  • Surgery procedure Open or Close

    What are the steps to follow?

    1.- The first contact with the Dr. Alberto Pagán Patient Care stuff can be done through the phone number (+34) 639 160 641 or e-mail
    2.- You will be given an appointment to have a clinical informational interview.
    3.- On the first visit Dr. Pagán (Bariatric and Metabolic surgeon) will assist you. An “anthropometric evaluation” and a medical record will be made. When appropriate, you will be sent to our endocrinologist before indicating surgery.
    4.- Once the treatment is determined the usual protocol will be followed to dismiss a possible contradiction.
    5.- A date for surgery will be suggested and necessary directions will be given to be put into practice in the days before surgery.
    6.- A corresponding “Protocol of postoperative nutrition” will be explained and delivered to you to perform your dietary progression.
    7.- After surgery, and once signed the hospital discharge, you will follow the advice of both surgeon and endocrinologist as well as medical staff specialized in nutrition for good control of food guidelines. Using the relevant analytical checks your medication will be revised.
    8.- During the first year you should go to health checks.
    9.- To solve any doubt go to the “Contact” tap and will be solved instantly.