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The team of Dr. Alberto Pagán is made up of endocrinologists, nutritionists and psychologists. The evaluation of patients with overweight and diabetes must be contemplated from a multidisciplinary aspect, by a specialist medical group whose experience and knowledge guarantee the best results. Our first consultation is free. And if prefer it, you could perform an online consultation without any charge.

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The surgical activity of Dr. Alberto Pagán and his team is carried out at the Rotger Clinic in Palma de Mallorca. Our techniques aim to achieve the desired weight loss and maintain it in the long term.

It improves type 2 diabetes mellitus that presents poor response to medical treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

Why surgery?
It has been observed that after surgery, patients improve diabetes-associated diseases when diabetes is related to overweight, such as hypertension or sleep apnea • Read more


When should I have surgery?
Surgery is recommended when diabetes and dietetic treatment with a medication support fail in maintaining the normal levels of blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin Read more

How does benefit me?
Surgery will improve your diabetes and other diseases such as dyslipemia or arterial hypertension, and you will require less treatment. So is the case with most of the diseases that usually accompany overweight and diabetes Read more


How much does it cost?
Performing a metabolic surgery turn out worthwhile because, by improving the disease, the patient saves costs associated with the treatment or annoying diets and you will enjoy a more productive life Read more


We answer
In order to solve your doubts, we have answered those questions that our patients have frequently asked. If you want to, you could ask your own question.


Our services

Obesity surgery

We can perform any kind of bariatric technique by laparoscopy, which avoid important incisions, eliminate the pain related to traditional surgery and provide a quicker recovery • Read more

Diabetes surgery
After the laparoscopic intervention, diabetes will subside after a few weeks and a lot of time before the complete overweight loss • Read more

Metabolic and bariatric surgery
Metabolic surgery refers to the surgical treatment of Diabetes Mellitus type 2 and results from bariatric surgery or morbid obesity surgery • Read more

Oesophagogastric surgery
It is the surgery area that has special attention to the esophagus and stomach pathology • Read more


area-paciente-gPatient area
Of interest for the patient with a metabolic disease

area-medica-gMedical area
When should a patient be referred? Does diabetes have surgery?

area-quirurgica-gSurgical area
Techniques for a diabetes improvement and weight loss

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